How To Build My Own Website For Free

Today we are going to see How To Build My Own Website For Free. So let’s get started we are going to create our website in two-part first is launch your website. once you launch your website, your website will be live on the internet. So you launch your website we are going to three steps. 

How To Build My Own Website For Free

Steps To Make Your Own Website For Free

Create an account in Prefreehost, for Create Your Own Website On Google Free this is the website that is going to help us create our website for free. So to create the account on and click register now. Enter your biodata-like email and password and then click the tick icon button. So now your account is successfully created. 

How To Build My Own Website For Free

1. Once you create the account we are going to the second step to getting your free domain, basically, the domain is the name of your website. This is the name which you type in the search bar to go to your website e.g if you take, it takes to YouTube. 

In the same way, you can get your own domain name. So get your own domain name like entering an attractive name for your website you want for your website I am going to enter tech leaf and after this, you can see that you can get your domain. This is the address which is your visitors need to enter in order to reach your site e.g is available. 

2. Now we are going to step three which is to install WordPress on your domain. WordPress is the platform that we are going to use to create our website it lets you build a website easily without any coding or programming. So once you install WordPress your website will be live on the internet. 

To install WordPress just click manage and then click control panel now to install WordPress under software select Apps Installer after this to install WordPress. And little take do this page now scroll down and you need to enter a username and password for WordPress and you can see WordPress is successfully password at below you got the link to your website so this means your website is now live on the internet. Firstly you can launch your website. 

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How To Build My Own Website For Free

Now we are going to the second part of our tutorial. Which is to start building your website. In the same way as the previous procedure, we are going to three steps. 

1. Log in to your website. Type your site address and now if you press to enter the login page of your website. Now enter the login details which you created for your WordPress Website and click login. Now we have log in to our WordPress site. So once you log in to your website now go to the second step.

2. Choose a design for your website. Now instead of building your website from scratch, you are going to choose a design and then edit it to make your own website. To choose your website design. You need to install a theme called ‘Astra’in WordPress.

3. So let’s go to step three which is to edit the content of your website. To edit any page of your site. You just have to go into that page and click edit with elementor so let’s see you want to edit a Home page you just simply click home and then click edit with Elementor and now you will go to the editing section you can change anything if you want on your own page also change your image on your personal website, you can change the logo, you can also change the menu section by clicking this contact icon. Once you are done with the changes click publish and the changes will be made on your website. 


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