Instagram will display photos and videos in search to get closer to TikTok

Instagram will display photos and videos in search to get closer to TikTok

instagram get closer to tiktok

Instagram users will be able to search for photos and videos in the "Explore" tab, not just profiles, audios, hashtags, and locations.

Instagram search is getting improvements. This Wednesday (25), the head of the social network, Adam Mosseri, announced that the "Explore" tab will also feature photos and videos when doing surveys, as well as on TikTok. The executive also explained more about how the platform's search engine works.

The option to search on Instagram is found in the "Explore" tab, indicated by the magnifying glass icon. When accessing it, the social network shows highlighted content and, above, there is a text box to search. The platform, however, only displays results for profiles, audio, tags, and locations.

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But this will change. According to the head of Instagram, the search tool will also show photos and videos posted on the social network. This means that, when typing the word "space", for example, the user will receive content results that are related to the search term in the "Main" tab, as in the image below.

"This is particularly valuable when you don't have a careful username or hashtag as the main priority while investigating a specific subject," he closed.

How does Instagram search work?

Mosseri also explained how Instagram search works. According to the executive, the term typed in the search box is one of the elements taken into account when displaying the results. But the tool also uses other parameters to point out the importance of suggestions, such as profile activity and information about search results.

The mechanism also has other features to avoid results that are contrary to what is proposed by the platform's guidelines. In this case, the social network deprioritizes profiles that post spam, for example. "Records, hashtags, and posts that abuse our Community Guidelines are eliminated from Instagram, which keeps them from showing up in Search," he said.

 Instagram will likewise grow the watchwords that can be utilized in the inquiry. "We are right now centered around getting right watchword indexed lists in English and will add support for different dialects ​​in the future," he said. But it remains to be seen when the improvements will reach users.

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