Amazon Echo Show 8 - Echo Show 8 2nd Generation 2021

Here is the Amazon echo show 8 2nd generation best review. Before placing an order or purchase echo show 8 2nd generation, must read this review and then buy  Amazon Echo Show 8.

Amazon Echo Show 8 - Echo Show 8 2nd Generation 2021

Echo Show 8 2nd Generation:- Introduction

Amazon’s midsize echo show 8 2nd generation is the best smart device especially for children and even people of any age. Because this amazon echo 8 show is easily handed for watching cartoons, watching any type of videos, playing any type of games, listening to music, getting weather reports, enjoy Netflix and YouTube, cook step by step recipes with food kitchen channels, and controlling smart home devices, etc. echo show 8 2ndgeneration -2021 release.  


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Product Review:-  Echo Show 8 2nd Generation

echo show 8 zoom

Let’s take a look at the features of this interesting product. product dimension is 76.89×5.35×3.9inches; its weight is about 2.3 pounds, echo show 8 zooms are manufactured by Amazon, item model number includes A8H3N2.

  • The size of the amazon echo 8 show is 7.9”×5.4”×3.9”(200mm×135mm×99mm). A more interesting feature of this device is the touch screen 8’s eight-inch display works well for a one-on-one video call but on the other side, this is not too good for a group call. 13 MP camera.
  • Amazon echo show 8 comes ready to connect to your wifi and any other type of network. Alexa app is compatible with fire OS, iOS devices, Android, and via your web browser. If we discuss the language Alexa speaks Spanish and English.
  • Protect your privacy- If you want to set privacy so manage your Alexa privacy setting, review your voice history delete all voice recordings by selecting all history from the date range section and then select delete all recordings for all time. You can also manage your Smart Home devices history, manage skill permission and manage your Alexa data. Echo Show devices are built with multiple layers of privacy protection. There are of course many more other features you can do with an Echo Show smart display.

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  • Some things have been more useful to me such as daily weather reports, a video feed from a doorbell or security camera from the door and the main thing is managing a grocery shopping list.
  • One-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 1,2,3 year extended warranty available for the U.S.
  • Connect with contact- simply command  Alexa to call your contact
  • Assemble your life comfortably at home- take a quick look at your calendars. Set timers, update lists, news updates, weather reports, traffic updates, grocery shopping easily by using your voice.
  • So many ways to be entertained- enjoy any type of TV shows, movies in HD on Netflix and YouTube. Or ask Alexa to stream Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify.
  • Set your memory bank on display- use Amazon photos to turn your home screen into a digital frame. Adjustable color helps the collection of your favorite pictures looks great in any light.


Simple to set up and use

amazon echo 8 show

1.     Plugin Amazon Echo Show 8.

2.     Connect to the internet using Echo Show 8 2nd Generation.

3.     Just ask Alexa for sports, movies, weather, and more.

Buying Guide Amazon Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8 Features List:- Pros

  • Wide range of features
  • Loud, full sound
  • Improved camera


  • Few video streaming listings
  • Some video calling bugs 


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