The Book American Marxism: A Reader


The Book American Marxism: A Reader

The Book American Marxism

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The seven-time #1 New York Times top of the line creator, Fox News star, and radio personality Mark R. Levin clarifies how the risks he cautioned against in the "convenient yet immortal" (David Limbaugh, creator of Jesus Is Risen) blockbuster Liberty and Tyranny have happened.


The destruction of the American Republic is rapidly underway. In the main street of every city in the country, the Republican Party is in ruins. It is not just the politicians and media personalities who work for the Democrats who are ruining the GOP.

It is also the Republican Party’s rank and file, who no longer care about preserving the Reagan Legacy of prosperity, limited government, and individual liberty. The Democrats and the media know that their days are numbered.

They are terrified. I wrote a book to alert them to what was happening, so they would prepare for it. Now I present a new book, just published: The Book American Marx: A Reader.


"History Is Not in favor of Liberals" "Dissidents Want you to Believe Liberalism is the Solution, the Road Back to Greatness, and The Only Way Forward." That is the message from Late Great America. And just about everybody has taken that message to heart. In Liberty and Tyranny, Mark R.

Levin confronts the greatest political-economic development of the past fifty years with an intellectual onslaught that offers an uncompromising yet subtle and morally principled path out of the wilderness of lost freedom. Why?

The reason is simple: liberalism is the enemy of liberty, and the liberal movement is the intellectual and political manifestation of collectivism—the most dangerous and insidious form of government imaginable.


By Mark R. Levin With respect, Mark Levin "This is the first book I’ve read that could be described as a universal call to arms’: ‘America, stand up and fight’; ‘Your government is corrupt, your leaders are spineless’; ‘

You have a chance to do something great and take it; and ‘America is only one great victory away from being the most powerful country on earth'" – Brent Bozell Review by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder, president, and CEO of the Moral Majority:

"Readers may not always agree with Mr. Levin's views or his conclusions, but that shouldn’t prevent them from reading his book. What they will find is a thoughtful, persuasive, insightful, and exciting call to action." Read the first chapter of The Liberty Amendments here.

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