WhatsApp Business: What is it and How do I use it?

WhatsApp Business: What is it and How do I Use it?

WhatsApp Business is a messaging application designed for businesses. It facilitates communication with customers through famous instant messaging.


The question arises: WhatsApp Business, the start of a revolution for brands?


Yes and no. Because despite its advantages, WhatsApp Business also poses some problems, in terms of data protection and functionalities.


In this article, we explain how to use WhatsApp Business to develop your brand and how to combine the application with emailing to set up an effective multi-channel strategy.


What is WhatsApp Business?


“The WhatsApp application is no longer to present. This instant messaging system, acquired by Facebook in 2014, is now used by more than a billion people around the world.


WhatsApp Business is simply his “pro” bent - designed to help brands set up customer support, transactional communication or marketing campaigns.


the app is downloadable from the Google Play Store is on the Apple App Store.”

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WhatsApp Business App VS WhatsApp Business API


To begin with, you have to understand that there is not just one difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, but in fact three different WhatsApps:


WhatsApp: The basic application you might be using to communicate with your loved ones.

WhatsApp Business App: this professional application is designed for SMEs. It allows you to use the basic functionalities of the system. That is to say, above all, communication with individual recipients through messages sent manually.

WhatsApp Business API: this tool is designed for large companies. It allows you to send mass messages and automate them. To access this solution, you must use a certified WhatsApp partner, such as Lithium or Message Bird.


The main features of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp for Business gives you access to several very practical features for communicating with your customers. Here are the most useful features:


"Business Profile" allows you to enter a lot of information about your business (opening hours, website, contact, address of your physical store, etc.). The user will therefore no longer have to go to your website and will be able to find this information directly on WhatsApp.


An automatic welcome message, configured to be sent as soon as a customer contacts you.


“Quick Replies” - answers to frequently asked questions that you have recorded. Perfect for quickly responding to support requests.

Statistics allowing you to see the messages that have been sent, delivered, received, and read.

Tags, which you can use to organize your discussions by category and find them more easily.


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The advantages of WhatsApp Business.

All of these features would be nothing without WhatsApp's impressive user base.


WhatsApp is undeniably the heavyweight of instant messaging apps. According to a study by Statista, in 2019, WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion monthly users - far ahead of competitors like Telegram or Discord.


Many consumers already use the app to communicate with their loved ones. They are used to sending and receiving messages. From there to using WhatsApp to communicate directly with brands, there is only one step!


WhatsApp allows extremely smooth communication with your contacts on a platform they know well. Messages arrive immediately and can easily be read on mobile.


WhatsApp Business is in this manner extremely successful with regards to setting up moment correspondence with your contacts, without introducing a talk framework on your site. For instance, as a component of your client care methodology.


How to get started with WhatsApp Business


Getting started with WhatsApp Business is very easy, you just need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Note that it is not yet possible to download WhatsApp Business on PC.

Step 2: Once the application is installed, open it and enter your work phone number. Please note: this number should not be the same as your private number.


Step 3: Now you need to set up your WhatsApp Business profile by clicking on “Settings”. You will have access to six elements:


Profile: here you can insert all the information relating to your company. For example your address, opening hours, website, etc. This information will be visible to your contacts.

The short link: you can add this link to your website, social networks, emails, etc. By clicking on it, your contacts will automatically start a chat with you.

A welcome message: which will act as an automatic responder and will be sent automatically to the people who contact you.

An absence message: which will be sent to people who contact you outside of your opening hours.

Quick responses: here you can create and save sample messages, which you can later select with one click. A great way to streamline your communication and quickly respond to frequently asked questions.

Statistics: you can always come back to this section to have access to reports on messages sent, delivered, read, and received.

There you have it, your WhatsApp business account is now set up and you will be able to get started.


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3 companies that use WhatsApp Business successfully

Need inspiration? Discover 3 examples of brands that use WhatsApp to communicate in an original way with their customers.


Hellmann's and ultra-personalized suggestions


In 2014, mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s was one of the first to use WhatsApp for a marketing campaign.


The aim of the Whatscook campaign was to give potential Hellmann's customer's new recipe ideas using their mayonnaise.


Clients could enlist by giving their telephone number on a site. They were then put in touch with a real chef.


Second, the chef would ask them to send a picture of their refrigerator. He then offered them tailor-made recipes with the foods at their disposal.


First launched in Brazil, this campaign was extremely effective with over 13,000 registrations and a satisfaction rate of 99.5%.


Back in the days, WhatsApp for The business didn't exist yet, so Hellmann's used the classic version of the app. From this point forward, this kind of mission will be considerably simpler to set up with WhatsApp for Business.


The pan-European television channel Euronews uses WhatsApp to send more traditional informative newsletters.


The user can simply register on their website by indicating his phone number. Twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - he will receive a brief summary of the most important information of the day.

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Euronews also offers the possibility of subscribing to specific topics, to receive more targeted information. For example in the “Brexit” or “Sport” category.


A great source of information for those who don't have time to spend hours going through the papers.


Sorel: live support and recommendations via WhatsApp.


Pic From Sendinblue


Indonesian e-commerce start-up Sorel primarily uses WhatsApp Business API for its transactional communication and support - sending payment and delivery information and assisting customers with their orders.


But Sorabel also goes further by helping her customers find products that suit them. Thus, it is possible to directly ask a Sorabel contact to obtain recommendations for, for example, jeans or a t-shirt.


An excellent way to respond quickly to the needs of its customers while directing them towards its flagship products.


This campaign was a huge success with 90% of messages delivered and read, twice as many as for their SMS support.


5 reasons to combine emailing and WhatsApp Business for a multi-channel strategy.


WhatsApp Business has many advantages and can be very handy for setting up more responsive and human customer service. The application is also very practical for transactional matters: payment confirmation, order tracking, etc.


Unfortunately, as we will see, the system is not ideally suited for more complex marketing campaigns.


This is why we recommend that you combine your WhatsApp Business strategy with an email marketing strategy. So you can set up a truly effective multi-channel campaign.


What does emailing do that WhatsApp? Business doesn't?


The answer below.


1 - More layout and customization possibilities

One of the weak points of WhatsApp is the design possibilities. These are much more numerous in emailing. Emailing software like Sendinblue allows you to simply insert images, change fonts, or optimize your messages for display on multiple devices.


Most importantly: the possibilities for customization. Unlike WhatsApp Business, emailing allows you to send fully individualized messages to your contacts. Thus, it is possible to customize:


 The subject: For example, you can use the first or last name of your contacts to address them directly.

 Sender Address: You can easily experiment with different sender names and see what works best.

 The content of the email: using criteria such as gender, age or purchasing behavior, you can offer different products to each contact and thus meet their specific needs.

Not to mention that email offers you A / B testing features. These allow you to compare multiple versions of your posts to see what is performing best.

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2 - Data protection compliant with the GDPR

The issue of data protection is a delicate one with WhatsApp Business.


Brands that use messaging allow WhatsApp to access their contacts. They thus transfer all their data to WhatsApp, which processes them in the United States without the contacts having given their consent. This goes against the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


To be GDPR compliant, you have two options:


Manually remove recipients from your address book for whom you cannot prove express consent. This implies that they are informed that their data will be processed in the United States.

Use WhatsApp API - but for that, you must necessarily go through a third-party provider like MessengerPeople. Which makes the process more complicated and expensive.

This problem does not exist with a European emailing solutions like Sendinblue, fully compliant with the GDPR.


3 - Less intrusive advertising

WhatsApp marketing can be effective because it quickly reaches contacts on a device they use all day long - the smartphone.


Having said that, people use WhatsApp primarily for their private communication. Advertising on the same channel can be very intrusive. It’s sort of the modern equivalent of telephone prospecting, a form of advertising that almost everyone hates.


Conversely, consumers are used to receiving commercial emails. In some messaging services like Gmail, these arrive in separate tabs (“Promotion”) allowing Internet users to choose for themselves when they want to interact with their favorite brands.


We, therefore, recommend using emailing for sales prospecting and especially using WhatsApp for customer support or notifications that your contacts are already waiting for.


4 - No more reports to analyze

While WhatsApp offers you several reports, a solution like Sendinblue allows you to analyze many more KPIs. Not only click-through or open rate but also a location-based visualization or heat map to determine which links your contacts have clicked on.


And who says more reports, says more optimization possibilities for your future campaigns!


5 - More complex automation scenarios

On WhatsApp Business, the automation possibilities are limited, especially if you are not using the API version. Emailing, on the other hand, allows you to set up very complex automated campaigns.



With Sendinblue, you can for example create:


Welcome and Lead Nurturing campaigns, to support your prospects from the moment they register and throughout the journey that will lead them to the purchase.

Shopping cart relaunch campaigns, to reactivate prospects who have indicated an intention to buy without having finalized it.

Loyalty campaigns, to automatically reward your most active customers and revive those who have not interacted with your brand for some time.



“WhatsApp Business is a great way to interact quickly with your customers, in a space where they are already used to communicating with their loved ones. But you should be aware that the solution is mostly suited for customer support, feedback collection, surveys, transactional, etc.


For personalized and automated mass marketing campaigns, it is better to go through an emailing solution, with much more advanced features.


The ideal is therefore to combine WhatsApp Business and a solution like Sendinblue to create a multi-channel marketing strategy and boost your sales!”

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