Study Abroad Guide

Study Abroad Guide

Benefits of studying abroad, favorite countries for students to go to, and other useful information.


Currently, more and more students are considering continuing their studies to earn a bachelor's degree abroad. There are even those who have aspired to continue their education abroad since high school. Are you one of them?


For those of you who have plans or aspirations to continue studying abroad, here is a complete guide to studying abroad that you should know.


Advantages of Studying Abroad

There are many advantages that you can feel when deciding to study abroad. Here are 3 of them the most important!


1. Getting New Experiences


Continuing education abroad will give you a lot of experience and also train you to have an open mind to various things. Living away from family and the comfort that you have been able to make you grow into a more mature and wiser person in seeing life. This unconsciously provides new soft skills that will help you become a successful person.


2. Quality Education


It is undeniable that many countries have more advanced education systems and are supported by qualified teaching staff and technology. But that doesn't mean the education system in Indonesia is bad, you know! However, studying and getting a bachelor's degree abroad, especially at a well-known university, you will learn using an international curriculum, a complete laboratory, an international standard evaluation system, and many others.


3. Brighter Career Prospects


Graduates from overseas universities usually have “extra value” in the eyes of the employer. This will make you 'sell' more and more to get your dream job. Besides in the country, the opportunity to work abroad is also wide open, you know! With a diploma that is recognized throughout the world and the network you have during your studies; you can fill a position in one of the top companies in the world!


Choosing a Study Destination Country

You shouldn't be careless when choosing a country for your study destination. At least consider the following 6 things when choosing a study destination country.


1.     Education system:

 Every country has a different education system that can be considered when choosing a destination for continuing education. Choose a country whose education system provides many opportunities and is supported by qualified technology and resources.

2.     Study program:

The choice of courses available at a country's university should also be considered, especially if you wish to major in the same.

3.     Dream University:

Everyone who has a bachelor's degree abroad has at least a few favorite universities to go to. This can also be an important consideration when choosing a country to study, you know!

4.     Average tuition fees:

          It is undeniable that tuition fees abroad are certainly more expensive than studying at home. Therefore, consider the average tuition fees in a country before deciding where to go so that the education budget is according to ability.

5.     Language of Instructional Lecture:

What happens if you go to college where you don't understand the language of instruction at all? Of course, the knowledge taught by lecturers will not be absorbed properly due to language differences. Therefore, adjust your foreign language skills when choosing a study destination country!

6.     Cost of living:

Living expenses also need to be considered because you will spend about 4 years in a foreign country and that certainly requires a lot of money. Take into account the components of the cost of living that must be incurred before choosing a destination country to study so as not to exceed your ability.

Favorite Destination Country for Indonesian Students

Based on statistical data from UNESCO as of 2016, the number of Indonesian students who continue their studies abroad continues to increase every year - there are 46,232 Indonesian students abroad. The 10 favorite countries for Indonesian student destinations according to UNESCO data are as follows.


1. Australia

Its location not too far from Indonesia and a qualified education system make Australia a favorite destination for Indonesian students to continue their studies. There are many best universities with a choice of study programs to choose from. Learn more about studying in Australia in the following guide.


2. United States

Even though the cost of living is high, the United States has many of the world's top universities which are the dream campuses of many Indonesian students. No wonder so many students choose the United States to continue their education. Learn more about studying in the United States in this guide.


3. Malaysia

There are more than 9,000 students from Indonesia currently studying in Malaysia. This country is a favorite because of its more affordable tuition fees, relatively cheap living costs compared to countries in Europe and Australia, its location is also close to Indonesia and offers many choices of the best universities with complete courses. Learn more about studying in Malaysia in the following guide.


4. England

Britain is also a favorite country for Indonesian students to pursue further education. A standardized education system and the choice of many of the world's top universities, such as the University of Oxford, have made England a favorite country for Indonesian students. Learn more about studying in the UK in this guide.


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5. Japan

Still, in the Asian region, Japan also turns out to be a favorite destination for Indonesian students to continue their studies. Its strong education system and choice of the best universities with various majors have made Japan popular among Indonesian students.


6. Egypt

There are also many Indonesian students who choose to continue their studies in

Egypt. Even though the political situation is sometimes unstable, the country is still attractive to Indonesian students due to its wide choice of universities and study fields.


7. Germany

Known for having many top world-class universities, Germany is also a favorite country for Indonesian students to continue their education. The availability of many scholarships to Germany is also one of the attractions of this country. Learn more about studying in Germany in the following guide.


8. Saudi Arabia

This country in West Asia is also a destination for many Indonesian students, you know! There are many top universities in Saudi Arabia along with a wide variety of fields of study.


9. Canada

Known as a multicultural country, Canada is also one of the favorite countries for Indonesian students to continue their studies. Its classy education system and choice of top universities is the main attraction for Indonesian students. Learn more about studying in Canada in the following guide.


10. South Korea

A country that has recently been booming due to the influence of K-Pop is also a favorite resume destination for Indonesian students. The choice of the best universities, various majors, and the increasing popularity of South Korea in the field of tourism make this country so tempting for Indonesian students. The cost of living is still affordable, you know!


Tips for Choosing the Best College Majors


1. Department according to passion


Because this relates to the future, choose a major that suits your passion! Don't choose a college major just because it looks more prestigious than other majors.


2. Target Pass Time


The length of study time varies from country to country. For example, an undergraduate degree in Europe can be completed in about 3 years and a Masters' level can be completed in 1-2 years. So for those of you who have a target of graduating college, make sure to choose a country whose length of study matches your goals!


3. Future Career Prospects


Your field of study will also determine your future career. So don't just choose a major to be accepted at your dream university, but consider how that field of study will lead you to a successful and bright future.


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