What is the difference between Coder, Programmer, and Developer?

What is the difference between Coder , Programmer and Developer

 Hello readers! In today's article, we will learn the difference between a coder, programmer, and developer. What is the difference between these three words? Most people use these three words interchangeably. So is there really such a difference? We will try to understand these things through an example here.


For example, you got a degree in which you learned programming. Now you go for an interview in a company, you know programming, but you don't have such logical thinking. The biggest reason for this is that you have not worked on any real-world project. You know coding but not logic.

There, if you are given a C language code to change it to Python, you can do so. But you don't know much about logic. This stage is called code.

Whenever an IT company launches and hires freshers, it first codes them. This means they will either translate a code into another language. Or write some code. They will not apply more logical thinking, they will just take it as much as they need.

We can call a person of this level a junior programmer or a junior developer.
This means that if these two terms are used, we will understand that they are used only for coders.


What is a programmer and who is it? This means that he knows the code, but now he has become so experienced that he has some knowledge of logic. That's the difference. Logical programming has come, now logically he can judge things in his mind.

If he goes anywhere for interviews etc. now, he can ask further, should I write such programs, or should I write anyway. Programmer is a modified version of Utah Coder. It doesn't make much difference.

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The developer has a more modified version of them. He writes the program. It also uses logic. And it also maintains it. This means that it also maintains the software and writes its documentation. We can use these three words interchangeably. There is nothing shameful about it.

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