What Is Cloud Computing Services With Full Information?

What is Cloud Computing With Full Information?
What Is Cloud Computing Services With Full Information?
You must have heard of cloud computing. And maybe you know about it. You may also be working on cloud computing.

But you may not have gotten clear and proper information about cloud computing yet. You may feel that you have never used cloud computing.

So, keep in mind that if you send emails, send documents, watch movies online, share data, store your memories online on a platform, cloud computing is behind them all. Is working and nowadays, from the smallest startup to the largest agencies are using cloud computing. So, if you want to understand cloud computing then this article is for you.

Today in this article from TechnologyIllusion.com you will find a lot of information related to cloud computing. So read this article in full and leave your feedback in the comments.

What is cloud computing?

Whenever we do with any file in our mobile or computer, we do it from the storage of our mobile or computer. This work is often done offline. And when we change our computer or mobile, we often give those files to us. And when we do the same thing online, these services provide us with cloud computing and prevent us from losing our data.

Cloud computing is the delivery of a computer system, including server storage, database, networking software, analytics, and intelligence. All of these services are available through the Internet.

Cloud here means Internet. Cloud computing can also be thought of as a form that we can use anywhere, anytime. In it you can edit your file online in any way, you can share a file of any size.

And providers such as Google Drive also provide such services for free. In other words, the use of cloud computing can be very secure and useful. Cloud computing is a model that manages, stores, and processes data online using the Internet.


Let us understand this with an example. You created a file, for example, a photo, an audio file, a video file, an MS Docs file, an MS Excel file, or any other type of file. And save this file to your PC or laptop. Now, this file is saved on your PC's hard drive. Now you have to go out somewhere where you will need this file so that you can save this data on an external hard drive or flash drive. will go.

But if you use cloud computing, you don't have to carry any device anywhere. You just have to have a good internet connection and you can save your data using Google Drive or Dropbox or other similar services.

And you can access this file from anywhere. You do not need to carry a flash drive or laptop around with you. And even if your C or laptop breaks down, you won't have to worry about losing data on your cloud.

Because your data will be available and secure on any of the cloud providers' services.
So to understand cloud computing, you need to know some examples.

To make it easier for you to understand.

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Name of cloud computing

·        Google Drive

·        Dropbox

·        Facebook

·        Gmail

·        Picasa

·        Flickr

·        Hubspot

·        Salesforce

·        Adobe Marketing Cloud

·        Google Docs

·        Amazon Web Services

·        Slide Rocket  and

·        IBM Cloud.

So nowadays everyone is moving away from the traditional format to cloud computing. Because cloud computing brings a lot of benefits. Like Easy to Use, which means a lot easier to use. Cloud computing is very easy to use.

 It can be used anytime anywhere on your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC. When it comes to casting, its cast is quite low.

Companies that use it do not need to purchase and set up hardware, software, and so on. Instead, companies can use cloud services to run their business at a very low cost.

The user has to pay as much as the resources of this service. This means that the service is also very flexible and budget-friendly.


The speed of cloud computing services are very fast, that is, a business can be carried forward with just a few clicks.


Cloud computing service is secure and upgraded. That's why their performance gets better and better every time.


Cloud computing simplifies data backup and disaster recovery. That is why it is called a reliable service.

Security Many providers offer users a set of policy technologies. This makes it easier for users to save data, apps, and infrastructure from threats.

Types of cloud computing

The same services are not for everyone. The same thing happens with cloud computing. So,
there are many types of cloud computing. The correct type can be used according
to your needs. That's why it's important to know the types of cloud computing.
There are four types of cloud computing based on cloud location.

Public Cloud

public cloud is worked by a third-party cloud benefit supplier. Which provide

services such as servers and storage via the Internet. Such service is managed
by all hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructure cloud providers.
Users can access their services using a web browser. And manage your account. Microsoft Azure is an illustration  of a  public cloud.

Private cloud.

The private cloud is for a business or organization. Which can also be located on
the company's data center. This can be managed through a company or a
third-party service. In this type of cloud computing, services and
infrastructure are maintained on the company's private network.

Community cloud

Community clouds are shared between such organizations or companies whose goals are the

same. Which together form a community. Only members of this community can use
this service.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private clouds. In this type of cloud computing, data and applications are moved between the private and public clouds. And the hybrid cloud business providing such services has more flexibility, more development options. At the same time, optimizing the company's infrastructure and security is possible.

Cloud Delivery Models

1.   Infrastructure as a service. (IaaS)

2.   Software is a service. (SaaS)

3.   The platform is a service. (PaaS)

Infrastructure is a service. (IaaS)

 This is the most basic category of cloud computing. In which the user can rent services from the cloud service provider as per his requirement. These services include data storage, visualization, services, and networking.

Software is a service. (SaaS)

This service provides an on-demand application service. It does not require the user to install software on their PC. And its cast is very low.

Platform is a service. (PaaS)

This benefit gives an on-demand environment for creating, testing, conveying, and managing software applications.

This service is designed to quickly design web and mobile apps. At the same time, cloud computing today, a cloud provider can provide all these facilities.

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Create Cloud-Native Applications

§  Store backup and recovery data

§  Stream audio and video

§  Delivery software on

§  Analyze data

Test and build applications So that's very useful. And you are getting so many benefits.

The disadvantage of the cloud

This service is fully internet-based. This means that if there is the internet, this service can be used. Otherwise, cloud computing cannot be used.
So, readers, you must have realized that cloud computing has made it very easy. Because using it you can access data from anywhere.
Now the Technology Illusion Team hopes you know a lot about cloud computing.

So, use this service and make your data safe and secure۔
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