How Will The World Change In The Future With Artificial Intelligence?

What can and cannot be done by artificial intelligence? How will the world change in the future?
How will the world change in the future with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest technologies today. Recently, a special corner related to artificial intelligence has been set up in bookstores, and it is frequently featured on TV and online news, which is a theme that everyone should keep an eye on.

Since it is a technology that appears in science fiction, many students will think that it looks interesting and that they would like to be involved in the future.

So this time, I will introduce what artificial intelligence can and cannot do.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Attracting Attention

The idea of ​​giving machines human-like intelligence has been around for a long time. So why is artificial intelligence now in the spotlight? One of the reasons is the progress in the field of "neural networks".

A neural network is a literal translation of a neural circuit. A neural circuit is a word that means the connection of nerve cells in the brain, and an "advanced neural network" can be rephrased as "advanced technology to reproduce the function of the brain".

Why Is Artificial Intelligence So Good?

Let me give you an example of what a machine can do when it can recreate the brain.

Let's say you have a picture of a dog in front of you. Unless the dog in this picture is a very rare breed, you should be able to judge it as a dog even if you don't know it. Of course, whether the dog is facing forward or sideways, it does not hinder the identification of the subject like a dog.

Traditional computers couldn't do this. Because the computer can only capture the image taken from the camera as a collection of small dots. Unlike humans, it cannot capture abstract features such as "having four legs" and "having a tail",

so if it is slightly different from the pre-recorded image, it cannot even be determined whether the subject is a dog or not. is.

However, advances in artificial intelligence technology have made it possible for computers to read abstract patterns as if they were in the human brain.

This technology has already begun to be introduced in our daily lives, such as the face recognition system "Face ID" implemented in iPhone X and the function to detect pedestrians and obstacles when driving a car.

Of course, artificial intelligence is not limited to image recognition. Artificial intelligence is beginning to enable machines to do things that were previously thought to be possible only by humans, such as diagnosing illnesses from patient symptoms and communicating in words as if talking to humans. I will. If machines could replace humans, there is no reason not to be distracted.

What You Can Do With Artificial Intelligence And What You Are Good At

I introduced some things that artificial intelligence can do earlier, but here I will delve into what artificial intelligence can do and what I am good at.

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  • Judgment based on a huge amount of data

One of the strengths of computers is that they can process large amounts of data at high speed. Computers can instantly learn the knowledge that humans can only acquire over years or decades. No matter how hard humans try, they will no longer be able to win with the amount of knowledge.

Internet search is an example of artificial intelligence. When you have something you want to know, you may search by entering related keywords, but most of the information you want to know can be found on the first page. This is because artificial intelligence accumulates data from users around the world and processes it to select the information that users may want more. Humans can't process such a huge amount of data.

Also, it is expected that artificial intelligence will replace many occupations that are now armed with specialized knowledge such as tax accountants and administrative scriveners.

  • Simple work/work

Computers are also good at repeating fixed routines. I think that Excel, a spreadsheet software, has been used by everyone, but if you use a function, you can derive an accurate answer faster than you can do it by hand. Furthermore, if you have electricity, you can continue to operate semi-permanently.

Presently you may ponder, "Is that right inside the PC?" But imagine a scenario in which it shows up external the PC as a robot. Robots will replace routine behavioral tasks such as convenience stores and supermarket cashiers.

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In fact, this is also something that has already been experimentally adopted. At "Henna Hotel" by HIS Co., Ltd., robots serve customers instead of humans, and robots are also introduced at the distribution warehouse of the major mail-order site Amazon. The future of being served by robots when eating out may not be too far away.

Things That Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do Or Are Not Good At

So far, I have introduced what artificial intelligence can do and what it is good at, but is there anything that you cannot do or are not good at?

  • Creative work

In fact, artificial intelligence has already succeeded in creative work such as drawing and composing. However, this is because we are training a large amount of data, and there is an opinion that it may be difficult for artificial intelligence to create new things from nothing at all.

  • To capture the feelings of others

To facilitate relationships, it is often more important to understand the feelings of the other person and read the air than to gain or lose on the spot. Human feelings are complex, and you may know that you have the best solution, but your feelings do not allow it. It may be correct to judge that artificial intelligence is the best, but it is said that it is difficult to make a judgment based on human feelings.

The Arrival Of The Singularity

Singularity is indispensable when talking about artificial intelligence. Simply put, it means that artificial intelligence will outperform humans and make a big difference in our lives. Since the arrival of the singularity is expected around 2045, it is sometimes referred to as the 2045 problem. I introduced earlier that artificial intelligence cannot and is not good at it, but ultimately artificial intelligence will be able to move in exactly the same way as the human brain. In that case, there may be nothing that humans can do and artificial intelligence cannot do. Artificial intelligence may produce more excellent artificial intelligence, and technological progress will progress at a faster speed than ever before.

How will the world change after reaching singularity? There are various predictions among experts, but no one can make an accurate prediction at this time.

For those who are going to be involved in artificial intelligence from now on

How can I get involved in artificial intelligence technology? What should I do? Some may want to start doing what they can do right now. Finally, I would like to give you some advice.

The foundation is important anyway

What I can say without a doubt is that you need to make sure you learn what you are learning at school. Even if the technology advances in the future, the foundation will not be unnecessary. Accumulation is especially important for science and mathematics subjects. People who can't solve multiplication can't solve problems with linear and quadratic functions. In the same way, even if you can finally take a lecture on artificial intelligence, you will not be able to deepen your understanding sufficiently if the essential basics are missing.

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