How to Learn Coding Online for Free? Best Free Sites

How to Learn Coding Online for Free?

There was a time when you had to take physical classes to learn coding and programming and you also needed a huge amount of fees to learn it. Then you could learn programming or coding.

But in today's age of the internet, it is not difficult to learn anything. Everything is easy to learn and free. Anything can be learned with zero investment. You want to be an AI expert. Want to be a blockchain developer?


Want to be an app developer?

Want to be a website developer or manager?

Want to be a video editor, graphic designer?

but also, anything you can think of. You can easily learn from zero investment or even a small investment. Today is the age of the internet.

All you have to do is set your hand on any skill and you can start earning very easily.

Today we will talk about five websites whose rules and regulations you can follow to become a good expert in any skill if you spend even ten hours a week. Even if you don't like any website, you have options, you can choose any of them.


Bit Degree


Bit Degree Learning is a platform where you can easily learn anything. Bidegree is a site where you can learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, Solidity, jQuery, GIT, Chrome Dev Tools, C ++, Python, And many programming languages ​​you can learn very easily. Features There are 4K + live code examples. There are 2.5 user-generated examples. There are 850 details theory articles. Which will go a long way in improving your coding skills. You can learn any language by visiting this website. This website is a treasure trove of knowledge.


Coursera is a very popular online learning website. Most of these courses have to be purchased. But many courses are also free. IoT, AI, Data Science, App Development, you can learn anything you want from here. But to get the certificate, you have to pay a certain amount.


Code Academy

Code Academy is the largest website in the world. This will allow you to further polish your coding skills. There is no value in what you can learn by visiting this website. There is a lot of learning material on this web. Swift, R, C #, Kotlin Any advanced level skill you can take from here.


The Edx website is also great. It also has a wide range of computer science courses. By learning them you can generate a good amount.

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Khan Academy

Who doesn't know Khan Academy? On this website, you can join many more courses besides the computer. For example, physics, bio, math, etc. Even then, you can earn a lot by learning your learning skills for free.

So, friends, what are you talking about? Visit any website now and add to your knowledge. These amazing websites will give you a lot. And you can secure your future. The more you learn, the better.

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