10 Most Popular Programming Languages

10 Most Popular Programming Languages

We interact with technology, which uses programming daily (actually, you are planning right now!). Therefore, it should come as no surprise that developers are in demand. With the right programming skills, you can secure a steady job in a company with a strong brand and an equally impressive salary. 

At the lower level, salaries for junior programming positions start at $825 and can easily reach $3530 or more, depending on the product, the specialty, and the years of experience of each developer, knowing, of course, the right languages. programming.

But with over 300 standard programming languages, where to start? The programming languages ​​you will learn will depend on the goals you have for your career. Underneath are a few of the foremost well-known programming dialects ​​and their applications.


C is a general-purpose programming language originally created for Unix systems. It is commonly used in cross-platform systems, for coding Unix systems, games, and special applications (automotive, embedded systems, robotics, etc.).

 It is chosen more often because it is more compact than C ++ and runs faster. It is the second most common programming language following Java. C is the basis for many other programming languages ​​including C #, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and Python.

C ++

C ++ is an intermediate-level object-oriented programming language. It comes from C, however, it has add-ons and enhancements that make it a more versatile programming language. 

It is suitable for large projects, as it can be broken into sections that allow easy collaboration. It is used by the most well-known technology companies in the world, including Adobe, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft.


Like most of these programming languages ​​mentioned in this article, it comes from C. It is a general, high-level code that has an additional messaging feature. 

It is known, as it is the programming language chosen to be used for Apple's OS X and iOS applications until it was replaced by Swift.


Java, nowadays, is the foremost well-known and widely Language dialect within the world. Although originally created for interactive TV, it became known as the language of choice for Android devices and web applications in general. 

It is additionally the programming dialect chosen for numerous commerce programs. It is a good multipurpose programming language because it can be used cross-platform (which means it is just as easy to use in both smartphone and desktop applications). 

It is similar to C ++ in syntax and structure, making it easy to learn if you already know the ‘family’ C languages.


JavaScript was made as an add-on code to expand the usefulness of web pages. Adds dynamic features such as submission forms, interactivity, animation, user monitoring, etc.

 It is mainly used for front-end development or for programming solutions with which customers interact. 

It is compatible with all browsers, making it a good universal code for web development, although it is also known for its difficulty in debugging.


It was treated as a replacement for Objective-C in terms of Apple applications. If you want to become an Apple developer or write apps/apps for iOS, this is the language you need to learn. 

While Objective-C is still in use, Swift is rapidly becoming the programming language chosen to be used by developers creating programs for Apple devices.

C #

A general-purpose, object-oriented code, C # (pronounced C Sharp) was created by Microsoft in 2001. Although it is referred to by name as the 'C' family of programming languages, it has more in common with Java than with other C languages. 

C # is mainly used for internal / business solutions and is quite popular, being the 'rival awe' of Java.


PHP is open-source code, used primarily for web development (also known as web design). PHP was created to optimize the creation of web pages.

 It is a fairly simple programming language that is very easy to learn. It is used by many Internet companies, including Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress.


Ruby is an object-oriented, general-purpose back-end programming language developed in the mid-1990s in Japan. It is one of the simplest programming languages ​​to learn and is often used as a stepping stone for Ruby on Rails. 

It was developed both to be enjoyable to codify and to increase productivity. It is well known as it is easy to read and as a result, many developers recommend learning Ruby as the first programming language. Used by sites like Hulu, Shopify, Airbnb, and many more.


Another general-purpose, high-level code, Python is a favorite of emerging developers. Designed to be pleasant to use. It is another scripting language that beginners are strongly advised to learn developers -

 and has become the leading introductory programming language in American university programs.

 It is basically utilized for web applications and data security, although it is additionally well known within the scholastic community for information investigation. Used by technology giants such as Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Spotify.

If you are a newbie programmer, or an experienced programmer adding a new programming language to his or her range of knowledge, learning the right programming skills is essential to building the career you want.

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